Saturday, 25 April 2009

25 Things.

1. I was told I couldn't have kids. . .I am mum to a 3yr old boy.
2. I used to do karate 6 times a week, was the belt below brown belt, teach kids & homeless people and I still miss it.
3. I can't touch my ankles let alone my toes!
4. I trained as a dancer for 10 years.
5. In another life I'd be a choreographer.
6. I was in The Biz on BBC1 when I was a kid.
6. I used to love As If & was in love with Rob & wanted to be Nikki.
7. I don't have a degree.
8. I have ADD. As in ADHD without the H.
9. I've been known to smell my own farts.
10. I can produce farts so bad that they bother me & could be used as a biological weapon.
11. I have IBS which explains 9 & 10.
12. I find meeting new people & going to new places really really hard.
13. I am clumsy - have broken little toe, wrist and elbow.
14. I am double jointed.
15. I think snow is over-rated. Shhhhh.
16. I am a text addict.
17. I am a facebook addict.
18. I LOVE food!
19. I used to play american football.
20. I am rubbish at pool.
21. I used to have a squint & was in & out of Moorfields hospital for yrs before having huge op to fix it.
22. I can play the clarinet & the bassoon.
23. I sometimes feel like 3 different people in the one body. The other two are called Christie & Nikki.
24. My first love was called Jack.
25. I lost my virginity in a room with Thundercat curtains when I was sixteen. . .Not to Jack!